Theatreworks USA's production of

An adapted version of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale.

Venue: Mainstage

Sunday • June 08, 2014 • 2:00 PM

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Peter Pan explores the journey of a group of children in turn-of-the-century London who use their imaginations to reenact the story of Peter Pan.

Astonished by Peter Pan’s appearance in the nursery, young Wendy, John, and Michael are intrigued by his tales of Never Land, the home of fairies, mermaids, pirates, and the poor Lost Boys who need a mother. With the help of a little fairy dust, they fly off with Peter to find adventure. Meanwhile, in order to exact his revenge on Peter Pan (who is responsible for his lost arm), the evil Captain Hook has devised a series of dastardly plans.

This production is based on John Caird and Trevor Nunn’s adaptation of Peter Pan or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up, which they developed for London’s Royal Shakespeare Company in 1982. In the spirit of J.M. Barrie’s original tale, our director, David Schechter, has chosen to tell the story through the eyes of six children who are living in Edwardian England (the early 1900s), and decide on Peter Pan for that evening’s play-acting. The adventure begins as the storyteller starts reading, and by adding a few simple “props” to their wardrobe of nightshirts and dressing gowns, the children are transformed into the classic characters of Peter Pan. As it would have been in an era before television and video games, the story is told without the aid of special effects (for example, when Peter teaches Wendy and her brothers how to fly, the children act it out by making their dolls “fly”).







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