Fearless Productions presents

The American Classic by Harper Lee
Adapated for the stage by Christopher Sergel
Directed by Steve Lemenille

Venue: Hamilton Stage

Friday • October 03, 2014 • 8:00 PM

Saturday • October 04, 2014 • 8:00 PM

Sunday • October 05, 2014 • 2:00 PM

BuyTickTicket Price: $25 General Admission; $15 Student Admission (at Box Office with ID)


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“You never really understand a person, Scout, until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” — Atticus Finch

The UCPAC kicks off its 2014 fall season at Hamilton Stage with a stage production of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, the American Literature classic and consequently, the Academy Award-winning movie starring Gregory Peck as courageous Alabama lawyer Atticus Finch. Filled with atmospheric evocations of American life in the 1930s, To Kill a Mockingbird delivers a searing portrayal of race and prejudice told through the eyes of a little girl.

It’s a play that speaks to all ages, focusing on our gut instinct of right and wrong - a universal tale of how human understanding can triumph over old and evil mindsets.

FEARLESS PRODUCTIONS is a New Jersey drama ensemble most recently appearing in NYC at the Snapple Theater Center in Sex, Relationships and Sometimes… Love. The troupe's shows have been nominated for twelve prestigious Perry Awards over the last two seasons.








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