The UCPAC presents

A night in Tuscany with a master of classical music

Venue: Hamilton Stage

Saturday • October 25, 2014 • 8:00 PM

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MORENO FRUZZETTI, a native of Pisa (located in the region of Tuscany, Italy) has been capturing the ears and hearts of fans worldwide for over thirty years, and continues with no end in sight - an accomplishment many artists long to achieve. However, it seems this vocalist has found his recipe: the combination of his powerful tenor sound, captivating onstage presence, and a variety of operatic arias, pop music and American classics.

At the young age of just seven, he learned to play the accordion by ear making it evident his talent was a true gift, and just like any creator, Moreno craved more. In a time where the Beatles dominated the charts, he found his next love; drums. He began playing with local bands throughout Italy and later toured in places such as Holland, England, Germany, and Switzerland. Moreno got his first taste of success in the early 70s with the formation of the band ‘I Rogers’ and their national No. 1 hit in Italy, “Guarda”. Just as he took to instruments, he quickly developed as a singer and brought his solo career to America in 1975. It wasn’t long before Moreno’s fan base became international. Playing in concerts and festivals across the globe, he has been able to share with us his passion for all genres of music. Song selections that range from the 1940s to present, and of course, his love for the Golden Era of Italian music, along with classical music from centuries ago. His sound and style have evolved over the years, and with eighteen albums recorded to date, each one has its own flavor! In addition to his diverse sound and melodic voice, it is Moreno’s live performances that have won fans over across America, Australia, Italy, France and Canada. Whether it be his interaction with audiences or pure enjoyment of entertaining, it's no wonder each show is personable and memorable.

Moreno is proud to have made his home in New Jersey, where he continues to bring brilliant and flavorful Italian music to the ears of people across the nation. This Italian-born native hails from Pisa, Italy, part of the beautiful Tuscany region. Moreno was recognized in 2008 by Organizzazione Musica Italia, where he was awarded the title of Ambassador of Italian Music in America. Come enjoy the voice of Moreno Fruzzetti who will bring you some traditional italian songs, italian pop, and the american classics to make this truly an Italian-American celebration of the season!

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