Raconteur Ventures presents

An Evening with Horror Icon LARRY FESSENDEN and Director GLENN MCQUAID.
Discussion, Q&A and Screening of I SELL THE DEAD
Presented on the Mainstage

Genre: Alternative

Friday • October 26, 2012 • 8:00 PM


Tickets: $10
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An Evening with indie horror icon/Glass Eye Pix founder Larry Fessendon (The Innkeepers; Stakeland; I Sell the Dead) & Dublin born writer/director Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead). Featuring an in depth on stage conversation between them and Dread Central’s Paul Nomad, and a screening of their collaborative effort, the Dickensian I Sell the Dead, a bumptious buddy pic about two no-luck grave robbers. 

Can you dig?

Dubbed a “modern day Roger Corman” by the New York Times, producer/director/actor Larry Fessenden has much more in common with foreign arthouse auteurs like Guillermo del Toro, a friend and longtime supporter, than he does with the current wave of American torture-porn directors. As founder of Glass Eye Pix (and its “no budget” arm, Scare Flix), Fessenden is known for producing smart, inexpensive “B list films with A list themes” (what the Village Voice calls “brains before blood”), mentoring a slew of young horror hot shots that include Ti West, Jim Mickle, and Glen McQuaid, the Dublin born director whose feature film debut is the period horror comedy I Sell the Dead. Body thief Arthur Blake has "five hours to kill" (his words) before he loses his head, courtesy of the guillotine. Thus begins McQuaid’s boozy buddy flick about two bumbling resurrectionists trying stay alive and make a living in turn-of-the-century undead Ireland. Think Charles Dickens by way of Hammer Horror. Written, directed, designed and edited all by McQuaid, the film features Fessenden as producer and fellow grave-robber Grimes, and stars Ron Pearlman, Dominic Monaghan, and tall man Angus Scrimm.

“If the corpse you steal has enough life in it you can make a killing.”