Split Level Concerts

An Evening with WILLIE NILE
Presented at Hamilton Stage.

Genre: Alternative

Friday • September 20, 2013 • 8:00 PM










Anyone who’s paid attention to his recent output knows that Willie Nile is
currently in the midst of a creative renaissance that’s produced some of the
most compelling music of his 35-year career. The tradition continues with
American Ride, just released on Loud and Proud Records.
American Ride offers a bracing set of 11 original compositions, and one
well-chosen cover, that rank with the catchiest and most vivid music that
Nile’s ever delivered. From the everyday wisdom of “Life on Bleecker Street”
and “Sunrise in New York City” to the broader observations of “This Is Our
Time” and “Holy War” to the rock ’n’ roll abandon of “Say Hey” and the
road-tripping title track, the album consistently lives up to the Willie’s
reputation for writing songs that are as impassioned as they are infectious,
and performing them with the fervor of a true believer. Several of American
’s recurring themes come into focus on the last two songs, “The
Crossing” and “There’s No Place Like Home,” which end the album on a note
of humanistic uplift. Another highlight is a fiery reading of Jim Carroll’s
“People Who Died,” recorded as a tribute to both Carroll, who passed away
in 2009, and to Nile’s late brother John.
American Ride features backup from Willie’s live band — guitarist Matt
Hogan, bassist Johnny Pisano, drummer Alex Alexander, and Nile on guitar
and piano — along with guest appearances by Eagles’ guitarist Steuart and
New York singer-songwriters James Maddock and Leslie Mendelson. Nile also
worked with some notable songwriting collaborators, including Eric Bazilian
of The Hooters, who co-wrote “God Laughs”; The Alarm’s Mike Peters, who
contributed to the title number; and Nile’s frequent writing partner Frankie
Lee, who co-wrote four tracks. The producers were a team of Grammy-
winner Stewart Lerman and Nile himself, with additional production by Pisano
and Alexander.

Come on out for Willie’s triumphant return to Hamilton Stage to hear
songs from the new record along with plenty of old favorites!

“American Ride is a perfect musical drive down the highway of American
life and one you’ll be taking over and over again, getting limitless miles to
your rock ‘n’ roll gallon.”
Elmore Magazine 

“Willie Nile is a great artist. If there was any justice in this world, I’d be
opening up for him instead of him for me.”
  – Lucinda Williams

“Willie’s so good I can’t believe he’s not from New Jersey.” Little Steven

“The impassioned voice, the sharp and soulful lyrics, the interesting shoes
and large, Kramer-like hair which seems to grow thicker every year – Willie
Nile brings it all into focus. Listen to this record.” 
Graham Parker