American Theater Group presents

Presented at Hamilton Stage

Genre: Alternative

Thursday • March 7, 2013 • 8:00 PM

Saturday • March 9, 2013 • 8:00 PM

Sunday • March 10, 2013 • 3:00 PM


Tickets: $8 per play
Or call the Box Office to purchase a $32 Eight Day Pass.









Producing Artistic Directors:
Joseph Mancuso, Rick Sordelet, James Vagias

Eight Plays In Eight Days
Tickets: $8 per play
Or purchase a $32 Eight Day Pass by calling the Box Office at 732-499-8226.

Sunday February 24 at 3 pm
Passing Proper by Joe Massingill
Directed by Jessica Aquila-Cymerman
Will and Bud are outlaws in Arizona stowed away on a ''ghost train'' that carries unwanted junk back and forth across the Southwest. When they forgo the comforts of their past lives, survival is the only thing that matters on this purposeless train. Bud struggles with the point of survival if there is no hope for a real future. Through their adventure, their passion for life inspires hope in them both to continue on.

Friday March 1 at 8 pm
Remembering Booth by Ramone Delgado
Directed by Joe Discher
The ghost of legendary actor Edwin Booth appears to an aspiring actor on his opening night of Hamlet in 1895. Edwin's unsettled spirit is tormented by the assassination of President Lincoln by the hand of his younger brother John Wilkes. Playwright Ramone Delgado explores how both actors' lives intertwine, influence and incite their portrayals of Hamlet.

Saturday March 2 at 8 pm
Revelation By Samuel Brett Williams
Directed by Kathleen Kelly
People have disappeared, the Hudson River has turned to blood, and the entire state of Ohio has come down with a bad case of the boils. Playwright Samuel Brett Williams explores faith, love, and the American landscape in a pitch black comedy about the End Days.

Sunday March 3 at 3 pm
Unlikely Allies written by Joel Richard Paul
Directed by Joe Mancuso
A true story of espionage, sexual intrigue, and murder based on the critically acclaimed history, UNLIKELY ALLIES, which The Washington Post called ''wildly entertaining history”''that ''reads like a Monty Python movie.'' All’s fair in the Revolutionary War!

Thursday March 7 at 8 pm
The Dreams In Which I'm Dying by Nick Pappas
Directed by Jessica Aquila-Cymerman
Jack's brother has died in a mysterious suicide while serving in the military. His 6 year old son is left behind to be cared for. Jack is haunted by the memory of his troubled brother and their poisonous past as he tries to uncover the truth. Nick Pappas wrote an explosive drama about an American family drowning in their destructive world.(Warning: extremely violent content)

Friday March 8 at 8 pm Cancelled
A Saint by Any Other Name by Joe Hart
Directed by Joe Mancuso
Romans are invading! The Jewish Quarter is burning! Shut away from the crying mobs, Simon of Cyrene, the man who carried the cross for Jesus, is trying to die in peace. Joe Hart humorously examines the secrets of an extra-ordinary man who had one extra-ordinary encounter with the carpenter who changed the world.

Saturday March 9 at 8 pm
Mental Circus by Aaron Mark
Directed by Aaron Mark
The circus is in town and a renegade clown is on the loose. Mental Circus tells the comedic and disturbing story of a destructive, compulsively lying, pill popping clown as he opens up his one-man ''minimalist circus'' in Coney Island, the enigmatic Cirque du Mental.

Sunday March 10 at 3 pm
Complicity by Denis Johne
Directed by Michelle Pawk
A double wide mobile home, a 14 years old-pregnant teenager, a perpetually unemployed father and a 500 pound grandfather, throw in an ancient Malaysian cult leader and you have a raucous good time. Complicity by Denis Johne is a raunchy comedy about Carrie, a sensible intelligent middle-aged woman in the midst of her insanely, hilarious family in Pontiac Michigan.



This event will be presented at UC PAC's Hamilton Stage,
located at 360 Hamilton Street, Rahway, NJ 07065.