Split Level Concerts presents

Presented in THE LOFT at the UC PAC.

Genre: Alternative

Saturday • October 26, 2013 • 8:00 PM

$20 General Admission









To watch Sarah Borges strut and howl onstage is to participate in rock
‘n’ roll communion, all glistening sweat and high kicks, soul-shaking
and sassy antics. She's a modern-day retro spitfire, red lipstick curled in a
smirk as she summons her six-string to conjure a host of fiery spirits,
leaving a stunned and ecstatic audience in her wake.

"If Sid Vicious and Dolly Parton had a kid, she might sound something like
Sarah Borges, who's making some of the most punked-out alt-country
around."   - Isthmus - The Daily Page, Madison WI

"Sarah Borges sports rocking riffs you can dance to..."
- Omaha World Herald

"A modern-minded honky-tonker with a retro streak"
- The New York Times


Split Level Concerts
 presented in

at the Union County PAC.

Limited Seating Available