Raconteur Ventures presents

Live Radio Drama: "War of the Worlds"
Presented at Hamilton Stage.

Genre: Alternative

Saturday • November 2, 2013 • 8:00 PM

$20 General Admission









A perfect sci-fi climax to your Halloween activities, this exciting live
dramatization of the “Play That Terrified A Nation” comes to
Hamilton Stage via the
Raconteur Radio Network.

War of the Worlds was first performed October 30, 1938 on the CBS
radio network as the Halloween episode of Mercury Theatre On Air.

Narrated by then unknown actor Orson Welles, the narrative begins
innocently enough in the small, All-American hamlet of Grover Mills,
New Jersey … suddenly, the program is interrupted by Breaking News
Flashes about strange explosions on Mars and the landing of a
cylindrical spacecraft on Earth.

Pandemonium ensues. Martians sweep the country, the Fate of the
human race hangs in the balance!

By the time the show ended, more than 6 million people across the
U.S. had tuned in; major newspapers and other radio networks
reported the broadcast as actual news.

Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast was the most powerful and
imaginative use of Mass Media yet seen.

At Hamilton Stage on Nov. 2, we’ll celebrate the 75th anniversary of
that singular moment in American entertainment history as Raconteur
Radio re-creates the world of 1938 in a live radio drama
complete with
costumes, lighting & sound effects.

Tired of the everyday routine? Ever dream of a life of action and

Come to Hamilton Stage for an hour of thrilling suspense, brave deed,
and rollicking derring-do!


“The finale was the most dramatic part of the radio play. You could
pretty much hear a pin drop from the audience. When the ending
neared, where the Earth is being systematically incinerated by these
huge, Martian flying death machines, each actor’s character was so
vocally passionate and mesmerizing you felt like you were in the heat
of the action!”  — Phil Rainone & Stephen Rainone