A Groovy Kinda Love Show

A Groovy Kinda Love Show is our far out 70’s inspired Valentine’s Day celebration. From Elton John to Lesley Gore to Celeste we’ve got love songs for every mood. And in true Woodstock fashion we’ve event got Rach Phelan performing the Star Spangled Banner on guitar…well air guitar that is. Make sure you watch to the end so you can see special guest stars Sonny and Cher!




Brian Remo – Artistic Director

Bruce De La Cruz – Resident Music Director

Heather McLeod – Production Manager

Jacob Fishman – Audio Engineer

Joe Rodriguez – Videographer

John Maroney – Bass

Collin Bell – Drums

Ben Samuelson – Guitar

Sarah Snyder – Marketing Manager

Rob Evans – Associate Producer



Nicole Boscarino

Daisha Davis

Julie Galorenzo

Maleesa Lamatina

Shane Long

Taye McQueen

Rach Phelan

Brian Remo


Special thanks to the Union County Board of Trustees, the City of Rahway, Mayor Giacobbe, and the Union County Board of Commissioners.