In celebration of the Allman Brothers Band (ABB), this live show will feature jazz interpretations of ABB favorites from a just-released CD featuring Jaimoe, Sammy Miller and The Congregation, with special guests Lamar Williams Jr, and Drew Smithers.

While jazz interpretations of ABB classics might come off as a surprise to some, the genre always held great inspiration for the band. Gregg Allman, recalling their early days, said that “Jaimoe [drummer Jai Johanny Johanson] gave us a proper education about jazz and got us into Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Kind of Blue was always on the turntable – Duane really got his head around that album – he also seriously dug Coltrane’s My Favorite Things.”

This concert tour was created to allow ABB fans AND jazz fans a chance to hear the music from this new CD live in some of the best venues in the country.  Don’t miss it!  Here’s what some music industry experts are saying about the CD:

“You’ve never heard these songs like this, and you’ve never heard a jazz big band play like this either.” – Paste Magazine

“Listening to these jazz interpretations, Duane would likely be proud. It’s almost like hearing the band all over again, as the big band recreates that initial excitement and deep feeling of soul that this writer recalls hearing on the first ABB studio album in a dorm room 50 years ago.” – Glide Magazine

“Big Band of Brothers is a truly remarkable and imaginative take on the music of the legendary Allman Brothers Band.” – PopMatters

“This recording is as entertaining and scintillating as Coltrane’s Live at the Village Vanguard, the Brothers’ own Eat A Peach or those legendary Fillmore East sets.” 

– PopMatters


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