The Battle of New Jersey’s Best Musical Theater Voices

The competition begins with 90 artists! At each of the six Elimination Rounds, 15 artists will sing one selection on the UCPAC’s Hamilton Stage. Any musical theater selection or song that is theatrical in nature is allowed; for example, Disney, Smash, Greatest Showman, and songs written by theatrical composers are all applicable. 

Three judges score each artist based on a number of categories. Vocal strength, presentation, and vocal quality are among the technical categories, but the most heavily weighted is called the “IT FACTOR,” which is how they put it all together. These total scores reveal the winner of each round, and that person goes directly to the Semi-Finals. The next highest scorer of the night will be sent to the SING FOR YOUR LIFE ROUND (bring the fan club)! The audience will also vote for their favorite of the round, and the highest number of audience votes will send a SECOND artist to the Sing For Your Life Round.  In addition, ANY of the three judges may choose to use their one SAVE to advance an additional artist to the Sing For Your Life Round should they unilaterally feel that it’s simply not time for him/her to go home just yet. This Judges Save has MAJOR game changing implications with the return of the Sing For Your Life Round. It should make for an exciting ending to each night.

At the Sing for Your Life Round, the 15 artists outlined above will be given a second chance to advance. They will each sing again, and they may sing the same or an entirely new song. This is essentially another elimination round, only THIS time, SIX artists are DEFINITELY going on to the SEMI-FINALS. The score is based on a combination of both the judges’ thoughts and votes from the audience.

The Semi-Finals pit 16 artists against each other: the (6) round winners, (6) artists who advance from the SING FOR YOUR LIFE ROUND, and the (4) returning Finalists from the past year who receive an automatic bye into the Semi-Finals. Five artists will advance from this round to the Finals, including one artist chosen solely from the audience votes.

Then, the Finals: who will be crowned our Icon? The grand prize for our winner includes $10,000, and the lead role in the winner’s dream production!

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Our past ICONS are Kate Pentek (2014), Drew Cyburt (2015), Timothy Walton (2016), Taye McQueen (2017), Jared Milian (2018), Erica Nadera (2019), and Maleesa Lamatina (2020).