Welcome Back to the UCPAC!

Hello there!  Boy have we missed YOU!!  We have some good (really great!) news, and some bad news.  On the good news front, we are thrilled to announce that the badly needed restoration work to the inside of the UCPAC Main Stage auditorium is nearing completion, and the place looks great!  We can’t wait to welcome you back to your beloved UCPAC.

The bad/sad news is that our beautiful Hamilton Stage suffered significant water damage during last week’s storm, and will be closed until further notice. We’ll share more about what the future holds for our modern performing arts space when we have a more concrete plan in place.

Regarding the Main Stage, we’re sure you’re as tired as we are of watching live music and other forms of entertainment on your computer screen, and have an amazing lineup of performances to entice you back to this beautiful historic theater this Fall!  Please click HERE to see our Fall lineup.  And yes, we’re following the lead of our sister theaters and performing arts center across the country with a strict health and safety regime to protect our audiences, staff, volunteers and performers from COVID-19.  Click HERE to see our rules and regulations.

See you at “the PAC!”

Built in 1928, the historic Union County Performing Arts Center is rich in history and culture. Our timeless theater may have tremendous historical significance, but it has also made a huge impact in the modern day as well. From providing youth programming to supporting socially conscious movements, everything we do here at the UCPAC we do with the intention of fostering a sense of creativity and pride in the great City of Rahway and throughout all of Union County.